Frequently asked questions

What guarantees are there?

- We guarantee that you will receive your service. If suddenly something goes  wrong, you will either choose another service or get your money back. 

- We guarantee your confidentiality

- We do not sell data,

- We guarantee that you will enjoy games more with our help.

Why should you trust us?

Our company is registered  - We have a total of 100+ Trustpilot reviews with an average 5/5 score. — We use our product ourselves - that's the way to enjoy In general, our entire product is just about convenience - grind less, get more.

You pay not with time, but with money - often, it is even cheaper.

What about prices and taxes?

- All prices already include taxes, and you do not need to pay more.

- We can make a custom name for the payment - if you don't want to upset your loved ones.

How does it work?

- You choose the desired service, and we match you with a proper agent who knows how to do it the best.  The agent completes the task while you are at work or with loved ones.

- You will have a dedicated chat with the agent, where you receive all the information, statuses, and notifications.

- We also provide you with near 24/7 Support - any question, we'll cover your back.